This page isn't quite as much of an ego trip as it might first appear to be! As an actor I'm frequently asked to send to show reel DVD to casting directors and agents so I figured I'd just make it available online. Hopefully it'll entertain the rest of you!

River City

On 13th March, 2007 I appeared in Scotland's favourite soap, 'River City'. It was a very brief scene but it certainly brought out the 'closet' soap watchers amid my friends - "oh, I saw you on TV last night...not that I ever watch 'that soap', of course...".


Watch for the rather puzzled looks at I walk away.


BBC Talent Fund

This short clip is taken from a promotional DVD made in 2005. The BBC Talent Fund was a project to promote disabled actors to a variety of producers and casting directors within the organisation and further afield.


This clip was directed by ???, who frequently works on The Bill and other well known programmes.


'Brazil 12 - Scotland 0'

The clip is from a DVD of a theatre piece that I appeared in back in 2005 with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company. Obviously a film of a play is never going to be that great, but hopefully it gives a flavour.

Copyright for this clip rests with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company.


These scenes are not in the order in which they appeared in the play - this selection is simply to show off my 'bits'!


The Chat Room

This was a documentary filmed for Children's BBC to form part of a series the provided young people with disability awareness. While not actually an example of performing, I though it would show another side to me.


"Bad hair" doesn't even come close!



Island Blue - Series 2

This selection of scenes is from 'Island Blue', a BBC Radio 4 series in which I play Billy, the estate 'handyman' on an island retreat.



Devised, produced and directed by David Ian Neville.

This series was first aired from Monday, 29th October to Friday, 2nd November, 2007.



Portfolio Shots

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All photographs © Julie McKenzie