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Shannon Kinne shaymary@hotmail.com   I loved your page- as I sit here writing about children with cerebral palsy and it's affect on cognitive development..I thought of you! Thanks for sharign your web page with me. I wish you the best!
Elaine Fearnley efearnley@kronos.com   Thanks,Robert. My 5 year old son has CP and I loved your website. It reminds me of the great time I had at university, and you give me lots of hope for his.

Have a great summer!

-Elaine in Boston

Bob Mackie Bob-Mackie@bigpond.com.au   You seem to be a busy young guy Bob.Great site, I'm going to recommend a visit to some of my friends.

Hope to get back soon.

Bob Mackie

P.S You ever tried Victorian Bitter

Emily PrattsBottom17@Hotmail.com   To Robert,

I am doing a project on Cerebral palsy, i am trying to make a toy for children aged between 6 months and 6 years with Braindamage, I found your sight really helpful so thanx!! My God-brother has also got Braindamage and cerenral palsy and after reading you web-site you have left me feeling positive about his future. Thanx again

James Marshall J_Marshall1967@Yahoo.com   Great web page rab although there was no need to create so amny girlfriends that have sent you messagees.

I know that the only woman for you is franks daughter shauna

Christie Sheppard speediee71@hotmail.com   Hey! Robert! this is my first vist too your web site. I'm 19 years old and have a mild form of C.P. called Spastic Diplagia. This is a great web site. If anyone would like to talk you have my address. christie
hetty, hester, barbie, mum etc hetty@hotmail.com   just a wee note from your bestest pal- i was back looking at your site (you are in the shower at the moment) and i thought i would write to say its about time you updated it ( and got a picture of me in it)!!!

Ta for everything love heather

demon stuart@merrylee.dircon.co.uk   You tried to delete me the last time ~BOB but you will not succeed!

Tammy tamwill29@aol.com   Hello there!!!!
Grace Snow (Ash) ash@localdial.com   Hi Rob.

I am so pleased to have met you. I really enjoy talking over philosophy + other topics on ICQ.

I fund your site very interesting. I've read every inch of it, twice! I had never even heard of CP before now. I think you have set a wonderful example, not only to the disabled, but to all people.

When I look at you, I see one of the most corageous, deep, hard-working men I have ever had the privilege to meet. I truly admire you.

Well done. Love Gracie. XX

Pierre Malraison pierremal@yahoo.com cp and aging Hullo Ribert...nice redesign on the page..cp and aging just had it's 3rd month over 2000 hits!

Bobbi Ahearn peanutbutter86@hotmail.com   Hey, Robert! I don't have CP, and nobody in my family has it either. I was researching CP for school, and I came across your page. I found it really inspiring. I met a guy at a ceremony for the disabled who was named disabled employee of the year at his office. I was surprised to hear that he learned how to drive a car - a stick shift! I didn't know anything about CP at the time, and after reading your web page, I understand more about it now. Good luck - I have a feeling you've come a long way.
The girls tarynwilliams@hotmail.com   We are two girls from a school in Swansea and are doing a course inGNVQ Health and Social care and as part of our work we have to find out the needs of people with disabilitys so we was wondering if you could get back to us as soon as possible with some info we would be very greatfull


Taryn and Clare

rab 9823852p@student.gla.ac.uk whit's taht boss? aright boss

it's yer man rabbo frae the uni in the place...i'm well intae the website robbo, well intae it indeed. case ye hudnae noticed ah'hm just displaying ma scottoshnish wi' pride here, boss, pride i tell yeez!

D.DeMatteo sylvan@mdcomputer.net   Hi Robert ... I am a mother of a six year old boy, Anthony, who has CP. He's making great progress ~ but we have a long way to go. Your websit gave me great inspiration for the future of my 'little guy' ... you sound wonderful and I'm glad I got to visit your website. Also, I'd love to hear from other parents who have children with CP. Also, Robert, congradulations to your 'mom' ~ she sounds great also!!!
Fiona Rough fiona@rough29.freeserve.co.uk   Hello Robert

Brill Web page, very interesting but yet amusing (ie. Drunken Bum Sight) It gives me a whole new picture of Hetty! I thought she was quiet! As for my Web Site it's not yet constructed, I think I'm in need of tuition.

Jennifer jmonahanestes@yahoo.com   I think your page is really great. It is good to see other people that are doing well with CP. I am a freshman in college and love it. I have mild CP (splastic diplegic)and have gone to regular schools all my life. At times it was hard, but I guess it builds character and now I am attending a major university so it was all worth it. I am now considering surgery, but don't know if it is worth it. Your page was really information, thanks again!
Katie Baril kbaril@mwweb.com none yet Thanks for all the hope you give. As the parent of a child with cp (Jimmy age 5), it's great to see this sight and all of your great accomplishments. I would like to hear from other parents.

Thanks again and God Bless.


Kelly kstark@onlink.net   I'm a 28 yr old female with mild CP. My doctor wants to stick me with Botox next week so I got on the internet to find as much info as possible - that's how I came across your site. If you have any info I'd appreciate an email.
Shane King shane.king@cwcom.net http://%20www.king-homepage.mcmail.com/ Very interesting homepage. full of information
Ian. All@nobby8.freeserve.co.uk.   I have not heard of cp before ,would somebody please enlighten my self and my family.
karyl mann karyl@btconnnect.com   I'm new to all this internet stuff - it's wonderful. I have CP too and clicked on to your page while browsing - very entertaining and informative - thanks for your time and effort! I'm going into hispital on 13th jan '99 for a cartlidge op. I have CP on the right and a torn cartlidge on the left - leaving me without a good leg to stand on! I fall even more now - I don't know if its the CP, the cartlidge or the Southern Comfort!! I'll be back, bye, Karyl.
Amy E. Atkins aldonza_@hotmail.com High Flying Adored This is great. Awesome attitude! Keep up the good work! ~Amyliz~
Becky Cordero rcordero@buffalo.edu   You are amazing! I just happened to come across this webpage while working on an exercise proposal for the CP population in my area. I'm an Exercise Science major @ univ. of Buffalo (in NY, US). I'm really impressed with your site. It has a personal atmosphere that I have never encountered at any other website. Thankyou for creating it.
tsesan tsesan@hotmail.com   hi robert, first and foremost, i wanna congratulate you on the good job done! and secondly i really wanna thank you for giving me inspirations and realisation that life IS wonderful and full of hopes! (if we want it to be)

all the best and take care.

Katie dadada@powernetonline.com   very nice site. My son is 7, premature twin, has cp. will visit again.
kimberly kilgroe knkilgroe@cncacc.cn.edu or kimberlyk7@yahoo.com   i would like to talk to you about cp and get your opinion on somethings if it is ok with you see i am doing a research paper about cp and something that i think the gov should do to provide more money and things like that to cp and i just would like to talk to you about something s so i would appreciate it if you would email me back before wed i would appreciate it

In Christ kimberlykilgroe

EVELYN ABERNETHY e.j.abernethy@dundee.ac.uk   like it robertooo!!!

hester's mum's right the photos are a mirage!!!!

you handsome young thing!!

lorraine 10048292@ehche.ac.uk   I think this is a very positive page and has obviously inspired alot of people. My best mate in the world has CP, and she is a very warm, caring person.

Keep up the good work!


Ann Dickinson 10053082@ehche.ac.uk   Brilliant website, very positive. I've got cp too and I found it inspiring, the fact that you seem to have such a positive outlook on life despite everything. Keep up the good work!.
Jen James sunnytorment@hotmail.com   Hi Robert! I was very happy to find this website. I sent you a profile of myself too. Since I am very computer illiterate, I have so much respect for anyone who can do computer stuff. Good job, and hope to hear from you!


Charity turnagec@netscape.net   Hey Robert, I e-mailed you a few minutes ago, then I found your bio page. You are an incredible person. My cousin also has CP,they thouhgt he wouldn't make it to see age 9, today he is 34 - healthy and strong.I'm glad you put your information on the web, maybe more people will read it and get a better understanding of CP. Write me back sometime. Talk to you later.


A.K.A. M