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Please bare in mind that everything on this page is about 5 years out of date! Read on...

    The whole raison d'etre of this site is not to dwell on the bad effects of CP or how hard-done-to disabled people are. It's to show that just as anything is possible for an able-bodied person, so too is anything possible for a person with Cerebral Palsy (though becoming a brain surgeon is not recommended!). If you've read my bio then you know that I've achieved a fair bit in my life, but what plans do I have for the future? Read on...

Looking out in to the future!    As with just about every 17 year-old the world over, school is my main 'past-time'! I sat six Standard Grades in the summer of 1996 and in 1997 I sat two Highers. You'll see below that there's a table of the results for each of my exams - to give you some ideas of my forte(s)! University requires around four Highers for entrance, so this year I'm doing another two in Computing (just for fun!), Modern Studies and a Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (optional level between Highers and University) in Mathematics. My plan for University at the moment is doing a Honors (Masters) degree in Computing Science (surprise, surprise!) and Business Management. I'll probably study at the University of Glasgow, though I've been advised to look at other Universities such as Stirling and even Cambridge! I'm also looking in to moving in to a flat (apartment) when I go to University, though this a long way off at the moment.

Standard Grades (Age: 15 - 16)
(Range: 1 - 7)
Modern Studies
Highers (Age: 17 - 18)
SubjectPrelim Result
(Range: A - F)
(Same Range)
Modern StudiesBC
CSYS (Advanced higher)

Guy in Wheelchair     As for my career plans, if I told you computers will be involved, would you be surprised??? Going by the plans for University, I think it's pretty much decided that something along the lines of a Systems Analyst sounds like my kind of thing. The Business Management part of my University course will open me up to just about any corporate job. Being a manager will mean that I can have people working for me - taking orders is not in the family blood! I think that I'll remain in the UK for a few years after I graduate and after that maybe move state-side - who knows! As you can see, I'm not standing still (bad pun, I know!) and if anyone out there wants to 'discuss' prospects with me, then get in touch!

   As for the whole 'married with two kids and a mansion' side of things, I am proud to say that I'm 'undecided'! My sister had a baby girl in June of 1997 called Carrie who I adore - though being an uncle is one expensive business! So the idea of having children is not out of the question! Who's the right person for me? How should I know! I'm open to offers at the moment, but that's not to say I'm desperate, and if whoever it is doesn't have a sense of humour, they'd better find one!


    So that's what I've got planned, how about you? Why not tell me and the rest of the world about your plans for the future. No matter how 'mature' you are or what you plans are, please let me know about them! Through the e-mails I get, I know that the positive steps of other people in the same situation can really help others, so come on, do your bit!

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