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    Although I've created this entire site personally (without a HTML editor, would you believe!), it was not done with help from a number of people.

    First of all, there's my Mor Mor (Grandmother) who, while over here on a visit from the U.S., gave me the idea for this complete revamp of The Ramp Ahead. She helped me set out the principal design of the whole thing and gave me quite a few pointers on how to write so that you can understand what I'm on about!

    Then there's Chad (a.k.a. Wick) who has really helped me along with getting to grips with Java and that CGI scripting thingy! Chad, at one point, e-mailed me 5 times in the one day with hints and ideas. Thanks tons to him (you can visit his home page by clicking his name)!

    Another two guys, Paul Ellis and Paul Davies (aka Smalldog), were of infinite help with the major scripting problems that I have been having. Because they are both with Cable Internet, they could give me server-specific advice which, along with their mighty wisdom, finally got my Other's Views section working!

    There have been a huge number of people who have helped me and will help me in the future but to name them all would use up my whole web space! They know who they are. If you think you name should be up here or if you help me after this page goes up then please remind me to credit you! The real people who have to be recognised are the site visitors who e-mail me with compliments and comments which really helps me to improve the site and give me a reason to keep it going!

To everyone mentioned above and to you, the site visitor, THANK YOU

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