Public Speaking

For over ten years now I've been giving talks to and for various organisations on the principals and practice of inclusion, specifically inclusion within education. I've given my talk - normally titled 'Positive About Inclusion' - over 100 times now, usually to groups of teachers, educationalists, directors of education, parents of young people with disabilities or students.

My standard talk lasts about one hour and starts with my days at my local, 'inclusive-by-default', nursery school, leading on to the special education primary and secondary schools I attended. It then focuses on my experiences of moving from a special school to a mainstream school, and then on to university before entering the wild world of work as an actor! Along the way I point out various events, many of them with a twist of comedy, which had an impact on how I now live as a fully included (if not well-adjusted!) member of society. Group sizes tend to range from 30, right up to and over 500 - no group too large or too small!

I've given this talk to various groups throughout the U.K. and am able to travel fairly far and wide. I do charge a modest fee plus travel expenses. If you think your organisation might benefit from my 'words of wisdom' then either e-mail me or call 07776 274 073.

Upcoming Engagements
Date Organisation Location
22nd & 23rd March 2014 Youth Theatre Arts Scotland - "Accessible and high quality - how to make it happen" Aberdeen

Previous Engagements
Date Organisation Location
20th February 2008 Kings Road Primary School Rosyth
13th February, 2008 East Ayrshire Council New Cumnock, UK
14th November, 2007 College of Occupational Therapy Specialist Section - Children, Young People and Families Edinburgh, UK
29th September, 2007 ILN Good Practice Seminar Glasgow, UK
7th September, 2007 Inclusive Learning Network Falkirk, UK
6th September, 2007

Inverclyde Council, Department of Education

Greenock, UK
4th June, 2007 BBC Scotland - Internal Training Glasgow, UK
8th September, 2006 Inclusive Learning Network Glasgow, UK
23rd February, 2005 Fife College - Diversity Conference Kirkcaldy, UK

"...From the very beginning and the first anecdote to the last story you had a room full of OT’s roaring with laughter at your exploits – many of whom probably recognised similar situations in their professional life.

Through laughter you managed to portray some difficult and poignant times and laughter will help us all to remember and to rethink the way we handle situations in our work lives."
Trisha Nutter, Therapy Learning (organisers of national conference for College of Occupational Therapy Specialist Section - Children, Young People and Families)

" were a real star and impressed all these [headteachers]....I hear you may be invited back."
Ian Fraser, Corporate Director, Education and Social Care, Inverclyde Council